Our Story


The northern man has shaped the world we live in.

From the tribes that stopped the Roman Empire in it’s tracks to the Victorian industrialists who shaped modern Britain. From the first train and first electric light bulb to the Venerable Bede or the scholarly monks of Lindisfarne. War, industry, innovation and the constant pursuit of knowledge have defined this area.

We have created a watch brand inspired by these people and their history.

Our mission is to make watches for the modern man that give more than a nod to our past. Watches that are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, but rugged and reliable. We mix steel and leather to capture the essence of what our regions history most exemplifies - a contrast of heavy industry and beautiful landscapes. A region of unspoilt beaches and endless hills, but also a one of mines and factories. 

We pay homage to the men that were at the forefront of industry, invention and academic study. Designed in the North East, our mechanical watches are created for today's northern man who works and plays just as hard as his forefathers. 

We believe that the North is more than just a geographical location. It’s a state of mind.